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110-2 Master and doctoral students apply for degree examination or go through school leaving procedures

110 Academic Year 2nd Semester Postgraduate (Master.PhD)
Deadline for applying for degree examination Degree examination application period: from the registration date to May 31, 2022.
Degree examination time From the registration date to July 31, 2022.
Application for revocation of degree examination time Time for applying for cancellation of degree examination: before January 31, 2022
Deadline for graduation and leaving school The 111 academic year calendar is booked for 25 August ,2022.
Oral exam/transportation cost

Please provide the electronic file information to Miss Su of the Department Office before the deadline for the oral examination application.

(Email: mayin1443@ntut.edu.tw)

1. Degree Exam Application Form (Appendix 16)

2. Please take the laboratory as a unit, and do not accept electronic files with only individuals, unless there is only one person in the laboratory at that time to take the oral test.

3. There is no transportation fee for oral test committee members working in New Taipei City or Taipei City.

Notes for transportation fee application:

(1)High-speed rail tickets need to be accompanied by a round-trip ticket stub to declare the transportation fee.

(2)If you drive by yourself or take the Taiwan Railway, you need to indicate that the workplace is not in the Shuangbei area, and the round-trip fare of the Taiwan Railway Ziqiang will be calculated.

(3)The application for the transportation fee of the Commission is limited to one time.

A.If the oral administration committee is driving by itself, please register online one week in advance to apply for a temporary parking application form. After the director's verification of the seal is completed, it will be sent to Mr. Ye of the General Affairs Office.

Oral exam application form

Provide the following paper materials to the Department Office

1. Application for degree examination

2. List of Degree Examination Committee Members

3. Abstract of the paper

4. Transcripts of previous years

5. Only those who have published a paper in a journal or a seminar poster (whose author is ranked as the first author or the first author except the advisor) can apply for the oral examination. (Note 1 in item 5: This item is only for master students. Doctoral students have their own procedures to be satisfied (for details, please refer to the study method for doctoral programs). Please submit the paper documents of items 1 to 4 when applying.)

After the oral exam

Submit the following documents to Miss Su:

1. The attendance fee and transportation fee of the oral examination members are printed and received. Please add and delete the required number according to the number of members inside and outside the school.

2. The transcript of the oral test should be printed and sent to the Academic Affairs Office

3. The originality comparison checklist of the paper If you need to change the thesis title, please submit the application form for changing the thesis title (paper) to Miss Su, and send the electronic file to Miss Su's mailbox (mayin1443@ntut.edu.tw )

leave school

Fill out the school leaving questionnaire online and upload the school leaving poster (Attachment 20) 1 paperback paper for the department (the Rui family needs to add 1 CD-ROM) 1 photocopy of the approval letter of the thesis oral examination committee.

If a student encounters a problem with the system where the graduation and school leave form cannot be logged in, such as an incorrect password or other parts of the system. Students can contact Miss Wang at extension 3237 for inquiries.

From the 108-2 semester, the originality comparison assignment of the paper will be added

Postgraduates should complete the originality comparison of the Turnitin thesis before the degree examination, fill in the originality comparison checklist of the degree thesis, and submit it together with the full text of the originality comparison report to the advisor for signature.

On the day of the degree examination, postgraduates should submit the originality comparison checklist and originality comparison report to the degree examination committee for reference.

After the degree examination, please check the originality of the thesis

The original copy - with the transcript of the degree examination, and send it to the Academic Affairs Office

Photocopy - Department Office Retention

The contents of the attachment are as follows: 

Please download the master's in-service special class form from the Department of Advanced Studies


For master and doctoral classes in the day department, please go to the Academic Affairs Office/Regulations and Forms/Form List to download

Degree Exam Application Form: Attachment for Master Class 01, Boban is attached 02

The list of the degree examination committee members: the master class is the attachment 03Boban is attached 04

Degree Examination Committee Change Application Form: Attached to Master Class 05Boban is attached 06

Thesis Oral Examination Committee Approval Letter: Master Class is the attachment 07Boban is attached 08-1(The convener column has been added to the approval letter of the Oral Examination Committee of the Boban Thesis)

Degree examination score sheet: unified as an attachment for master and doctoral classes09

Grading table for degree examination: unified as an attachment for master and doctoral classes 10

List of oral examination fees printed and collected: master and doctoral classes are unified as attachments11

Application for revocation of the degree examination: the master's and doctoral classes are unified as attachments12

Postgraduates are requested to receive and issue the graduation certificate in advance: the master class is the attachment13

The originality comparison checklist of dissertation: the master and doctoral classes are unified as an attachment14

Application for changing the title of the thesis: the master and doctoral classes are unified as an attachment15

Application Form for Degree Exam16

Postgraduate Academic Research Ethics Education Course Exemption Application Form18

School Leaving Poster Attachment19

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