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In 1953, the province's first three-year textile engineering section was divided into two groups: textile engineering and textile chemistry.

On August 1, 1993, the school was restructured into the "National Taipei Institute of Technology." The four-year textile engineering department was established and divided into two groups, weaving and textile chemistry.

In 2001, the organic polymer group of the Institute of Engineering Science and Technology has started enrolling doctoral students.

On August 1, 2002, it was renamed as Department of Molecular Science and Engineering.

In 2007, the department introduces the Ph.D. program with the specialization of organic and polymeric materials

In 2014, the department combined the Master and Ph.D. program under the same specialization of organic and polymeric materials

Every year, the students showing major interest in pursuing the master and Ph.D. degree with good academic records.

Till date, the department opens the admission for M.S. and Ph.D. for spring and fall semesters.