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Prof. Yao-Yi Cheng


Dr. Yao-Yi Cheng

Research Laboratory

Polymer Materials Laboratory

Educational Background

Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) , Materials, Ph. D./var/file/73/1073/img/93/LogoMIT.jpg

Tsing Hua University, Chemical Engineering, B.S.


Molecular Science Building, 2nd floor 

Tel.: +886-2-27712171 ext. 2433

Research Laboratory

Molecular Science Building, 3th floor, Polymer Materials Laboratory

Tel: +886-2-27712171 ext. 2434

E mail




  1. Professor, Department of Molecular Science and Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology
  2. Research assistant Manager, TSMC, Taiwa

Research Specialty

  1. Polymer materials
  2. Copper nanowires
  3. Low-k dielectric

Research Interest

  1. Polymer nanocomposites
  2. Copper nanowires
  3. Polymer microneedle


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2.    “Low-temperature preparation of highly transparent and conductive copper electrodes on flexible substrates”, 2019-2020.