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Program Intro

Molecular Science and Engineering department, Institute of organic & polymeric materials offers Ph.D. program in response to the global need for the polymer materials research and development, and functional polymer products in aim of meeting the market demand. Professors and staffs dedicated to multidisciplinary research that includes polymer synthesis, processing, functional textile, sensory devices, energy devices, nanotechnology and green areas towards the target of next-generation smart electronics, textiles, and biomedical applications. To develop practical application, facile technologies and advanced research and development (R&D) talents in the fields of manufacturing, organization, quality control, and educational institutions.

Research degree candidates are stimulated naturally by the inquisitiveness, or passion to solve the existing problems. Our Ph.D. degree provides you the opportunity to explore your dream of research. Our department and staffs works unitedly in creating new field of research and can support the candidate to pursue his knowledge. Moreover, our program is supported by the NTUT scholarship and candidates can also use tuition waiving options. Novel thought-provoking thesis works were well-recognized and has wide range of collaborative research community to elevate the research quality and skills in academics and beyond. Furthermore, several companies provide industrial collaborations and scholarships for education and research. Via industrial collaborations and projects, Ph.D. students tends to have vivid directions in reaching the employment and successful career. Similarly, International exchanges presented with joint degree thesis through Universite Grenoble Alpes (UGA) School of Chemistry and Life Sciences, and also signed a short-term exchange student research program with Hokkaido University’s Engineering Department and Osaka Prefectural University. In addition, the department recommends students for internship programs in well-known companies or research institutes in various countries (including United States/Japan/Thailand/Czech Republic).

A Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree gives you the opportunity to develop specialized research skills, gain systematic thinking, and solve critical problems via a complex field of acquired knowledge.

Ph.D. students graduate with specialized cognitive, technical and research skills in their respective disciplines. Candidates are expected to work as a team as well as independently without tarnishing the research ethics and methodologies:

Generate original knowledge and explore the scientific background to make a substantial contribution to a discipline.
Engage in synthesis, characterize, model, and evaluate according to the literature backgrounds.
Experiment, update and implement research methodologies to reframe the preconceived existing knowledge.
Disseminate and generate new insights to peers and the community.