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Program Intro

Molecular Science and Engineering organic polymer Ph.D. program in response to the global polymer materials research and development, and functional polymer products to market demand, select the photo and energy, nanotechnology and green areas of the biomedical and textile as three of the main Development area. To develop practical application technologies and advanced R&D talents in the fields of manufacturing, organization, properties, and development of polymer materials and biomedical, optoelectronics, and textiles, and to enable them to enter careers or academic development in the field of science and technology, and to improve the overall polymer materials technology of society and R & D standards.

The Ph.D. program of this department has the opportunity of multi-disciplinary learning, such as production and academic practice and international exchange during the academic period. In 2017, it was awarded with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Economic Affairs for granting a plan grant. Several companies provide industrial cooperation and scholarships for studying, and will directly go to company work after graduation.International exchanges: signed a joint degree thesis with the Universite Grenoble Alpes (UGA) School of Chemistry and Life Sciences, and signed a short-term exchange student research program with Hokkaido University’s Engineering Department and Osaka Prefectural University,and send students to internships in well-known companies or research institutes in countries such as the United States/Japan/Thailand/Czech Republic.