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Asst. Prof. Chin-Wen Chen

Asst. Prof. Chin-Wen Chen




Dr. Chin-Wen Chen

Research Laboratory

Fiber Material & Structure Analysis Laboratory


National Taiwan University, Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering (Ph.D.)

National Taipei University of Technology, Graduate Institute of Biotechnology (MS)

National Taiwan University Science and Technology, Department of Fiber and Polymer Engineering (BS)

National Taipei University of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering (5-year school, Diploma)


Molecular Science Building 103


Rm101-3, Floor 1th, Molecular Science Building

Tel: +886-2-27712171 ext. 2460





1. National Taipei University of Technology, Research and Development Center of Smart Textile Technology, Post-doctoral Researcher

2. Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Department of Raw Materials and Fiber, Researcher

3. National Taiwan University, Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering, Post-doctoral Researcher

4. Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Department of Raw Materials and Yarn Formation, Associate Researcher 

Research Specialty

Research Specialty:

  1. Structural and morphological analysis of polymer materials
  2. Polymer polymerization and blending technology
  3. New fiber materials
  4. Melt spinning technology
  5. Multi-scale simulations

Research Topic:

  1. New polyester & polyamide materials
  2. Polymer Composites
  3. Functional fiber material
  4. Smart textiles
  5. Computer-aid material development platform 


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