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Ling-Kang Liu

Dr. Ling-Kang LIU


       Ph. D.,University of Texas at Austin

       B. S. ,National Taiwan University


  1. B. S., 1972, National Taiwan University;
  2. Ph. D., 1978, University of Texas at Austin;
  3. Max-Planck Postdoc, 1978-1979, Max-Planck Institut fuer Kohlenforschung, Germany;
  4. Associate Research Fellow, 1979-1985, Academia Sinica;
  5. Adjunct Associate Professor, 1981-1985, National Taiwan University;
  6. Research Fellow, 1986-2016, Academia Sinica;
  7. Adjunct Professor, 1986-2016, National Taiwan University;
  8. Visiting Scholar, 1986-1987, University of California, Berkeley;
  9. Visiting Professor, 1992-1993, University of Maryland at College Park;
  10. Visiting Professor, 2000, Universite Bordeaux I, France;
  11. Secretary General, 2003-2014, Chemical Society Located in Taipei


  1. Inorganic Chemistry
  2. Crystallography

Research Interests

  1. Electron transfer chain catalysis:
    rapid and selective catalytic reactions for organo-iron species employing the 17-19e pathway
  2. Functional imidazolium-based ionic liquids:
    on cyclic addition of carbon dioxide to propylene epoxide utilizing scCO2 medium; on aldol cyclotrimerization of acetophenones to 2,4,6-triarylpyrylium salts at the expense of 1,3,5-triarylbenzenes; on ring-opening polymerization of -caprolactone
  3. Structural chemistry on (2,2’-bipyridine)MX2 and its fluorous functionalized derivatives
  4. Recovery and recycling of immobilized homogeneous catalysts:
    fluorinated catalysts with biphasic and thermomorphic strategy
  5. Diazotization of aromatic amines and azo-coupling reactions:
    the conversion between the cis-trans azo-compounds and the micelle behaviors; preparation of aromatic azo-compounds with microfluidic system


Journal Publications

  1. 1. Guei-Wei Lin, Yi-Chin Lin, Su-Ching Lin, Yuh-Sheng Wen, Ling-Kang Liu, “Ionic liquid in synthesis: a phase transfer reagent and a redox mediating medium”, J. Chin. Chem. Soc., 2013, 60, 281-287.
  2. 2. Tung-Yuan Yung, Jer-Yeu Lee, Ling-Kang Liu, “Nanocomposite for methanol oxidation: synthesis and characterization of cubic Pt nanoparticles on graphene sheets”, Sci. Technol. Adv. Mater., 2013, 14, 035001/1-035001/8.
  3. 3. Jer-Yeu Lee, Tung-Yuan Yung, Ling-Kang Liu, “The microwave-assisted ionic liquid nanocomposite synthesis: platinum nanoparticles on graphene and the application on hydrogenation of styrene”, Nanoscale Res. Lett., 2013, 8, 414/1-414/6.
  4. 4. Getinet Tamiru Tigineh, Ling-Kang Liu, “Studies on Mechanochemistry: Solid Coordination Compounds from Primary Aromatic Amines and Cobalt(II) Chloride Hexahydrate”, J. Chin. Chem. Soc., 2014, 61, 1180-1187.
  5. 5. Jer-Yeu Lee, Ling-Kang Liu, “Graphite oxide functionalized with ionic liquid and ruthenium as hydrogenation catalyst”, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 2014, 39, 17492-17500.
  6. 6. Norman Lu, Lauren M. Hight, David R. McMillin, Jyun-Wei Jhuo, Wei-Cheng Chung, Kwan-Yu Lin, Yuh-Sheng Wen, Ling-Kang Liu, “Structure and emission studies of dimorphic crystals of [PtBr2(5,5'-bis(CF3CH2OCH2)-2,2'-bpy)]”, Dalton Trans., 2014, 43(5), 2112-2119.
  7. 7. Tung-Yuan Yung, Li-Ying Huang, Tzu-Yi Chan, Kuan-Syun Wang, Ting-Yu Liu, Po-Tuan Chen, Chi-Yang Chao, Ling-Kang Liu, “Synthesis and characterizations of Ni-NiO nanoparticles on PDDA-modified graphene for oxygen reduction reaction”, Nanoscale Res. Lett., 2014, 9, 1-6.
  8. 8. Getinet Tamiru Tigineh, Yuh-Sheng Wen, Ling-Kang Liu, “Solvent-Free Mechanochemical Conversion of 3-Ethoxysalicylaldehyde and Primary Aromatic Amines to Corresponding Schiff-Bases”, Tetrahedron, 2015, 71, 170-175.
  9. 9. Norman Lu, Kwan-Yu Lin, Chieh-Keng Li, Chih-Chieh Kung, Yun-Peng Yeh, Yao-Yi Cheng, Ling-Kang Liu, “Recyclable Palladium Catalysts for the Heck/Sonogashira Reaction under Microwave-assisted Thermomorphic Conditions”, J. Chin. Chem. Soc., 2015, 62, 64-72.
  10. 10. Tung-Yuan Yung, Ting-Yu Liu, Li-Ying Huang, Kuan-Syun Wang, Huei-Ming Tzou, Po-Tuan Chen, Chi-Yang Chao, Ling-Kang Liu, “Characterization of Au and Bimetallic PtAu Nanoparticles on PDDA-Graphene Sheets as Electrocatalysts for Formic Acid Oxidation”, Nanoscale Res. Lett., 2015, 10, 365.
  11. 11. Yi-Rung Lin, Venkatesh Tunuguntla, Shih-Yuan Wei, Wei-Chao Chen, Deniz Wong, Chih-Huang Lai, Ling-Kang Liu, Li-Chyong Chen, Kuei-Hsien Chen, “Bifacial Sodium-Incorporated Treatments: Tailoring Deep Traps and Enhancing Carrier Transport Properties in Cu2ZnSnS4 Solar Cells”, Nano Energy, 2015, 16, 438-445.
  12. 12. Norman Lu, Mani Alagesan, Chi-Liang Ho, Rong-Jyun Wei, Chih-Chieh Kung, Jung-Shan Chang, Yuh-Sheng Wen, Ling-Kang Liu. “New fluorous ponytailed 4-[(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy)methyl]pyridinium halide salts.” Acta Cryst., 2016, C72(12), 10071011.
  13. 13. Norman Lu, Wei-Cheng Chung, Hsing-Fang Chiang, Yung-Cheng Fang, Ling-Kang Liu. “Recoverable platinum bis(fluoro-ponytailed) bipyridine complex as catalyst for hydrosilylation of alkynes under thermomorphic condition.” Tetrahedron 2016, 72(51), 85088515.
  14. 14. Shu-Hao Wan, Ying Chih Lin, Ling-Kang Liu, Yi-Hung Liu, “Ring Expansion and Skeletal Rearrangement of Propargyl Alcohol Substituted Aziridines Induced by Ru Complexes.” Chem. Asian J. 2016, 11(20), 28892896.
  15. 15. Norman Lu, Wei-Hsuan Chang, Rong-Jyun Wei, Yung-Cheng Fang, Tu-Wen Han, Guo-Quan Wang, Jia-Yaw Chang, Yuh-Sheng Wen, Ling-Kang Liu, ”Pyridinium saccharinate salts as efficient recyclable acylation catalyst: a new bridge between heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis”, Tetrahedron, 2016, 72, 3468–3476.


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