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資料所有者 資料標題 論文收錄分類 刊物名稱 發表日期(年、月) 附件
SCI Colloid and Polymer Science, 2014-02-01  
SCI J. Polym. Eng. 2014-05-01  
SCI Inorganic Chemistry 2013-09-01  
SCI Inorganic Chemistry 2013-09-01  
SCI Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters 2014-03-01  
SCI Dalton Transactions 2013-10-01  
ELSE2 Journal of Life Sciences and Technologies 2013-11-01  
SCI Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics (SCI, 2012 IF 0.642) 2014-04-01  
SCI Composite Interfaces 2013-06-01  
SCI Macromolecules 2013-08-01  
SCI Polymer Degradation and Stability 2013-10-01  
ELSE2 Materials Sciences and Applications 2014-01-01  
SCI J APPL POLYM SCI 2013-11-01  
SCI Thermochimica Acta 2013-01-01  
SCI J. Nanomaterials 2013-05-01  
SCI The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2013-08-01  
SCI Applied Catalysis A: General 2013-03-01  
SCI J. Mater. Chem 2013-06-01  
SCI J. Nanopart. Res 2013-07-01  
SCI Chem. Asian J. (in press) 2013-07-01