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Wei-Ting Chen

Dr.Wei-Ting Chen


       Ph.D.,National Cheng Kung University
       M. S.,National Cheng Kung University
       B. S.,National Chung Cheng University

Office:Molecular Science Building (02)27712171 #2445


  1. 08/2013- 07/2014 Postdoctoral Researcher,Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica
  2. 08/2014- 07/2016 Postdoctoral Researcher,Department of Molecular Science and Engineering
  3. 08/2016- present Assistant Professor,Department of Molecular Science and Engineering


  1. Computation Chemistry
  2. Localized Molecular Orbital
  3. Spectrum Analysis
  4. Reaction Mechanism

Research Interests

  1. Structural genomics
  2. Substitution effect
  3. Metal-catalyzed reaction


  1. Wei-Kai Huang, Wei-Ting Chen, I.-Jui Hsu*, Chien-Chung Han*, Shin-Guang Shyu*, Cross C–S coupling reaction catalyzed by copper(I) N-heterocyclic carbene complexes, RSC Advances, 2017, 71, 4912.
  2. Jiahn-Haur Liao, Tzu-Hua Wu, Ming-Yi Chen, Wei-Ting Chen, Shou-Yun Lu, Yi-Hsuan Wang, Shao-Pin Wang, Yen-Min Hsu, Yi-Shiang Huang, Zih-You Huang, Yu-Ching Lin, Ching-Ming Chang, Fu-Yung Huang*, Shih-Hsiung Wu*; The Comparative Studies of Binding Activity of Curcumin and Didemethylated Curcumin with Selenite: Hydrogen Bonding vs Acid-Base Interactions, Scientific Reports, 2015, 5, 17614.
  3. Hong-Jie Chen, Mei-Chun Tseng, I-Jui Hsu, Wei-Ting Chen, Chien-Chung Han*, Shin-Guang Shyu*; Ligand free copper(I)-catalyzed synthesis of diaryl ether with Cs2CO3 via a free radical path. Dalton Transactions, 2015, 44, 12086.
  4. Wei-Ting Chen, Yi-Jing Chen, Chun-Sheng Wua, Jin-Ju Lin, Wei-Lin Su*, Shu-Hui Chen*, Shao-Pin Wang*; Two new blue-phosphorescent Ir(III) cyclometalated complexes demonstrating the pushing-up effects of amino on levels of Pi-type molecular orbitals. Inorg. Chim. Acta, 2013, 408, 225.
  5. Wei-Lin Su, Hsiu-Ping Huang, Wei-Ting Chen, Wen-Yi Hsu, Hsi-Yen Chang, Szu-Yu Ho, Shao-Pin Wang*, Shin-Guang Shyu*; Natural Bond Orbital Rationalizations of NMR Observations for Metal-Ligand Bonding (II): Rehybridization of Phosphorus Arising from Coordination of Methyl-Phenyl-Phosphines. Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society, 2011, 58, 163.
  6. Jiahn-Haur Liao, Chien-Sheng Chen, Chao-Chien Hu, Wei-Ting Chen, Shao-Pin Wang, I-Lin Lin, Yi-Han Huang, Ming-Hsuan Tsai, Tzu-Hua Wu*, Fu-Yung Huang*, Shih-Hsiung Wu*; Ditopic Complexation of Selenite Anions or Calcium Cations by Pirenoxine: An Implication for Anti-Cataractogenesis. Inorganic Chemistry, 2011, 50, 365.
  7. Wei-Ting Chen, Wen-Yi Hsu, Mei-Yi Lin, Chia-Cheng Tai, Shao-Pin Wang*, I-Wen Sun*; Isolated BMI+ Cations are More than Isolated PF6- Anions in the Room Temperature 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Hexafluorophosphate (BMI-PF6) Ionic Liquid. Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society, 2010, 57, 1293.

Conference Paper

  • Wei-Ting Chen*, I-Jui Hsu, Shao-Pin Wang, Fu-Yung Huang, Jiahn-Haur Liao, Chien-Sheng Chen, Shih-Hsiung Wu Tzu-Hua Wu, The Theoretical Insights of Anti-Cataract Mechanisms for Pirenoxine, Curcumin and Didemethylated Curcumin, 2016/12/3-4.


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