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Research Overview





Prof. Siang-Peng Ruei

Polymer Rheology and Thermo Analysis Laboratory


Prof. Zhao-Jin Su

Surface Science Laboratory

Prof. Norman Lu Green Technology and Energy Laboratory Video Clip
Prof. Li-Chu Tsai Biomolecular Engineering Laboratory
Prof. Fu-Yu Tsai Nano-material and Organometallic Laboratory
Prof. Yao-Yi Cheng Polymer Materials Laboratory
Assoc. Prof. Yi-Tian Liao Cutting-edge Material Laboratory
Assoc. Prof. Wan-Chin Yu Molecular Materials and Biochemical Engineering Laboratory

Assoc. Prof. Hsin-Ta Wang

Analytical and Biomedical Laboratory


Assoc. Prof. Dao-Sing Deng

Polymeric Composite  Laboratory


Assoc. Prof. Chi-Ching Kuo Advanced Polymer and Nanotechnology Laboratory
Assoc. Prof. Kuo-Yuan Hwa Genomics Science & Polysaccharide Engineering Laboratory
Assoc. Prof Shu-Mei Chang Optoelectronic Materials Laboratory