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Assoc. Prof. Yi-Tian Liao

Dr.Yi-Tian  Liao 


Cutting-edge Material Laboratory


Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University


Molecular Science Building, 2nd floor 

Tel.: +886-2-27712171 ext. 2412


Molecular Science Building, 4th floor, Biomolecular Engineering Laboratory

Tel: +886-2-27712171 ext. 2442 or 2426



1.          Material and Chemical Research Laboratories,Industial Technology Research Institue



1.         Photoresist

2.          Electro-Optical Organic Polymeric Composite

3.          Ploymer Chemistry

4.          Polymeric Composite


Research Insterest

1.          TFT-LCD  Alignment Film

2.          TFT-LCD Wide-View Film

3.          Smart Polymers for Agricultural Purpose

4.          Nanocomposite

5.          Cholesteric liquid crystal

6.          Nanofiber

7.          Polymer brushes and polymer sphere

8.          Smart Material

9.          Elecro-optical Material

10.        Polymer spectroscopy



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